Kazuki Oishi

Catch the root

Garden corner tree, cave, cement, iron 1100x650x2000mm 2023
Photo:Keizo Kioku Venue: TALION GALLERY

Intimacy “Blood is thicker than water”
The production was inspired by the words that clearly express the highest level of intimacy. The strength of blood ties may be due in part to the fact that one has come to know (or has been forced to know) the other person from a more intimate standpoint through that relationship. heavy. I’m at a loss for words because I don’t have enough experience right now. However, if we remove this inescapable intimacy from relationships between people and replace it with the relationship between ourselves and “something,” we can discover something in the territory of our lives that cannot be separated from the intimacy of “home.” I thought there might be one. I like home. Like very much. Needless to say, it is a space where you can protect your privacy. I love it so much that I feel like I know every nook and cranny of the house. Since the property has a small garden, there is a flower bed in the corner, and there was a small tree that bloomed beautifully in spring, which I really liked. I started a home vegetable garden in that flower bed last year. When digging a hole about 10 centimeters deep to plant a sapling, tree roots sometimes peeked out from under the ground and got in the way. Moreover, the vegetables did not grow well, perhaps because they grew with abnormal vitality from spring to summer and monopolized the nutrients in the flower bed soil. Although he was supposed to know every corner of his home, there was an unknown side of rebellion hidden in the slightly lower world. Maybe I don’t know anything about my home. I dug a small cave with the feeling of an explorer. I was surprisingly able to dig through the soft soil even with my bare hands. The root I found near the base of the tree was thinner than I expected, and it was so weak that it would break underground if I pulled it a little.