Kazuki Oishi


Kazuki Oishi

Born in 1993. Yamaguchi, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Sculpture
Graduated from Musashino Art University Graduate School of Sculpture Course

Solo Exhibition

「Voyager is with you」Art Center Ongoing(Tokyo)
「For instance,Humidity」sandwich.gallery CFP(Bucharest, Romania)
“I'll remove it on October 11t” Musashino Art University,(Tokyo)
“and your personal space rally # 1” Musashino Art University, (Tokyo)
“Continuous solo exhibition, -rather like something- the O ball rattle at the same level”, Gallery mime at Tokyo Zokei University, (Tokyo)
“Life of the sheep”Gallery mime at Tokyo Zokei University (Tokyo)

Group Exhibitions

“oar”Vou bldg 3F(Kyoto)
“measure the light” Shihoka Imai+Kazuki Oishi Electrical Temple Metakoinon(Tokyo)
"Blood is thicker than water,I may not know anything about it,so in the handmade cave in the corner of the garden,darkly shaved tofu, smashed teeth dripped,refrigiated,until they gather in a shape of stepping stones and flow out with a tilt.
”Kazuki Oishi,Marina Lisa Komiya,Sae Yuda and others TALION GALLERY(Tokyo)
"Tokyo Zokei University 9th Assistant Exhibition" Tokyo Zokei University ZOKEI Gallery(Tokyo)
"SHIFT" gallery TOWED (Tokyo)
"December 6, 2022 A few years ago in New York in the dead of winter. In the flower bed in front of the Guggenheim Museum,a sparrow dug a hole by rubbing its body against the soil and buried itself in it,shaking its wings. Marunouchi,lined with gigantic buildings,has many people coming and going, but there is no sign of life. In a city where efficiency and tangible results are required,it seems difficult to create a place for the body,an ambiguous and incomprehensible living entity. For this space and time,I look for a place that fits,like filling a new house with worn-out furniture.This may not be an advocacy of unproductive idleness,but a brighter practice of vital activity,making Sono Aida the pit once made by the sparrow.” Sono Aida#Shin Yurakucho (Tokyo)
"Yuki Konno and Kazuki Oishi at the 3Q, 303, Munyeong Building, 25-2, Jungeulji-ro 18-gil, Seoul,Republic of Korea,starting at 12:00 pm on Friday,December 9,2022 and ending at 19:00 pm on Friday,December 30,2022. and Yoo Jungmin will participate.” Kazuki Oishi/Yuki Konno/Yoo Jungmin 3Q (Korea, Seoul)
"COMMON MOVES" Kazuki Oishi+Koichi Mitsuoka.Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
"Tokyo Zokei University 8th Assistant Exhibition" Tokyo Zokei University ZOKEI Gallery(Tokyo)
"Artists in FAS 2020 Achievement Presentation Exhibition by Selected Artists" Fujisawa City Art Space(Kanagawa)
"Temporarily make a river there" Studio T.M.(Kunitachi,Tokyo)
"Depth of street" WALLA(Kodaira city,Tokyo)
“WALLAby” Ginza tsutaya books(Tokyo)
“Open Studio in KURATA SOUKO” Kurata Warehouse(Mizuho-cho,Tokyo)
“Ongoing FES 2019 Ongoing Festival-Art Fair Ongoing” Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
“PACK2019: STATION!” Post Territory Ujeongguk(Seoul,Korea)
“A wind of east” Musashino Art University FAL/Tokyo Zokei University CS Gallery(Tokyo)
“Someone eles” Geisyuku 103 (Kanazawa City,Ishikawa,Japan)
“Mixed Material Arts Vol.1” Azabu Juban Gallery(Tokyo)
“GunmaYouth Biennale 2019” Gunma Museum of Modern Art(Gunma)
“CAF Award Winning Works Exhibition" Daikanyama Hillside Terrace Building F Hillside Forum (Tokyo)
“Visual Relocation A4” SHIN Museum of Art(Cheongju,Korea)
“Embellishing your work #1” SUPER OPEN STUDIO 2018 @Aihara Studio (Tokyo)
“Ongoing FES 2018 Ongoing Festival-Art Fair Ongoing" Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
“Fiction and Paste”- Kimaki Maki/Kazuki Oishi-Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
“2017 Musashino Art University Graduate School of Fine Arts/ Graduate/Graduate School Excellent Works Exhibition"
“Atami Art Week 2018” Room 506, Odate Building,(Atami City,Japan)
“Methods of sculpture and dialogue III-Do it the way you want to do or not" Fuchu Art Museum(Tokyo)
“The World from Shoebox” Cheongju Museum of Art(Cheongju,Korea)
“Cross Talk..” Marunuma Art Forest(Saitama,Japan)


Exhibition design:"I'll be a little quiet, won't I? 17 3rd" WALLA(Kodaira city, Tokyo)
Planning/operation/joint operation:2021-now "WALLA Board" https://Wallaboard.jp
Operated by "Dongfeng" Musashino Art University FAL/Tokyo Zokei University CS Gallery (Tokyo)
Joint operation 2019-now "WALLA"(Kodaira-shi,Tokyo) https://walla.jp/
Planning:"Continuous solo exhibition planning, rather likened" Tokyo Zokei University Gallery mime(Tokyo)


“Agency for Cultural Affairs AIR Activities Promotion Project to Promote International Cultural Exchange” Grant
“Gunma Youth Biennale 2019” Excellence Award
“2017 Musashino Art University Graduation/Completion Exhibition” Excellence
Award Selected as Overseas training fee award of“ CAF Award Winning Works Exhibition”
8th place at the 13th Niyodogawa International Water Cutting Competition
“Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Exhibition-ZOKEI Exhibition 2016-”ZOKEI Award


"Sono Aida ARTISTS STUDIO Phase 8"-January 2023
"International cultural exchange promotion project through the support of AIR activities by the Agency for Cultural Affairs" Grant, stay in Bucharest, Romania, production presentation at Sandwich Gallery
“Fujisawa City Art Space Artists in FAS 2020”


Publishing label “oar press” top picture annual series
Publishing label “oar press” review series


Contemporary Art Foundation
Artist Interview #02 ▷ https://gendai-art.org/interviews/artists_kazukioishi/
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