Kazuki Oishi

Power of Bird

Clay, video, iron, monitor, rain, dryness, sunshine Variable size 2023

Powers of Ten is a movie made in 1977 by Charles and Ray Eames. Power does not mean “strength” but “power”, and every 10 seconds the film moves away from the bird’s-eye view of a man and woman on the ground by 10 in meters. The perspective jumps out from Earth, and eventually the entire universe is reflected. When you return to the ground, your viewpoint approaches the microscopic world by 10 n meters every 10 seconds. The video ends with the appearance of an atomic nucleus vibrating violently in the darkness. If I had free eyes, I would be able to easily see the wings of that bird flying far above. The closer you get, the bigger the wings become, and the further you get away, the smaller they become. Also try looking at them at the same time.