Kazuki Oishi

For instance,Humidity

Cray,Water,Glass bottle,Metal,Hemp,Drying,Humidity Variable size 2022
Venue:sandwich.gallery 2022 09.29-11.04

What is there in the space between matter and matter? As there is gravitational force between the planets, there is a continuous empty space between the pen and the notebook. What is between us and the dry air of Bucharest? For example, humidity. Kazuki Oishi has spent the last two months in a residency at Sandwich, exploring local materials in connection with local physical phenomena. He uses sculpture as a tool for exploring what could exist in the empty space, as a medium to visualize ambiguous things. Clay, for instance, a material used in sculpture with the assumption that it will be replaced with another one during the casting process, changes its texture depending on air humidity. If “clay” should be moist and soft, then what is the “cracked clay” that has been dehydrated by the dry air of Bucharest and has become materially stable? Where did the moisture released into the air from the crevices of the clay cracks go? Maybe it begins to exist as a sculpture in the air between us. Referenced from